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Stations For Sale . . . 

In some instances, clients require that an Agreement of Non-Disclosure be signed by all prospective purchasers of a Station before we can release the pertinent information.  A printable version of our standard Agreement of Non-Disclosure may be accessed where indicated.  To request information, please go to our contact page.

For Sellers anticipating "Unjust Enrichment" penalties in the sale of a construction permit or license obtained at auction and held for less than five years, click here for our primer regarding the FCC calculations for unjust enrichment and here for a download Excel calculator.

BACK ON THE MARKET:  ARIZONA COMBO WITH NTR:  THIS IS HOW RADIO IS DONE!  AM/FM Combo in small market with big impact and big revenue.  Sales are up 7% and NOI was up 240% for year 2013 vs 2012.  Sales for 2014 are up over last year!  Asking $850,000 which calculates roughly to less than 6 X adjusted b.c.f.  Perfect situation for owner/operator or cluster GM. Office/studio available to purchase as a separate transaction.  Contact MCH Enterprises for complete financial analysis.

Northern California Coast FM With Translator:  Newly listed, this Class A has been turned around and the Licensee would like to sell.  The asking price is $295,000.  This is one of the most beautiful parts of the California Coast.  Presentation available.  Sales are stable and cashflow is positive.  Needs a strong sales oriented owner/operator.  Seller would stay on as on-air talent.  LMA/Option may be possible, depending on terms and conditions.

UNDER CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS.  LOOKING FOR AN LMA?  WESTERN ROCKIES RATED MARKETS:  This standalone FM is all dressed up and ready to go!  Class C1, 100kw ERP station was recently being operated in a joint venture and now the licensee wants to do a simple, long-term LMA.  The primary market is rated #243 and the secondary market is rated #93.  Combined Longley-Rice coverage easily exceeds 300,000 at the greater than 60dBu contour.  LMA terms are $5,000 plus all expenses.  Adequate office/space and very nice transmission facilities. The station is on-the-air and waiting for someone to step in.  Executive Summary is available via email.

Three Pacific Northwest Translators.  Offered together for the cumulative asking price of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000).  The licensee and/or permittee may differ from translator to translator and any assignment application will be structured accordingly.  Because the translators are going to be combined into one antenna system, they must be sold together.  Unless otherwise noted, no representations are made regarding transmitter site availability and any prospective purchaser should rely on its own investigations and due diligence regarding site certification, signal delivery, and engineering considerations. Project Developer intends to build the stations and deliver them on-air (analog).  Get in early for this small, rated market.  

PACIFIC NORTHWEST FM WITH FM1, FM2, and FM3 BOOSTERS:  All-in asking is $1,600,000.  All cash preferred.  Rated market, this station combo has been returned to operation after an LMA/Option failed.  The FM1 booster will be licensed as an auxiliary so you never have to worry about losing rated market coverage if something should happen to the main.  A new FM2 has been constructed with a request for license submitted, and there is now an application pending for a new FM3 as well.  Virtually no "crash zone" due to new antennae design. In excess of 500,000 covered within the 60dbu contour.  Excellent market coverage, good transmission site lease and office/studio lease terms.  This one is ready to go.

CALIFORNIA CENTRAL COAST AM:  New AM Station in rated market has completed construction and the 302AM has been accepted for filing.  Program Test Authority granted and the Station is on the air with original Spanish programming.  This is a rated market with excellent revenue potential.  Seller will sell fully constructed and on-the-air (less studio) to include diplexer and digital facilities for $475,000, all cash.

Now Under Contract for LMA/Option. Central California AM:  Had been brokered out for several years and now the owner wants to sell.  The asking price is $650,000.  Day power is 5kw from site A and night power is 370 watts from site B, both are diplexed sites.  Site A, approximately 20 acres, is available to purchase for $400,000 as a separate transaction provided the diplexed station there has the right to remain until sold or turned in to the FCC as part of the expanded band rules.  Otherwise, lease it on reasonable terms.  Site B is leased.  Seller will consider carrying some financing with a qualified Buyer.  Expect to put down at least 30% and a well-secured note for the difference.  The signal travels very well; the market is ranked #67 and the asking price works out to 85 PPP.  Broker:  MCH Enterprises, Inc. 

One Under Joint Development Agreement and the Second is About to Go!  TWO WEST TEXAS FM CONSTRUCTION PERMITS:  The combined asking is $110,000, all cash.  These two construction permits were recently acquired at auction, but other demanding business interests cause the permittee to want to sell.  This is a sale of permits only; no equipment is included.  There are tower site s available and each of these is near a significant market so a prospective owner might want to do some engineering studies to look for relocation options, change of C.O.L. or other upgrades.  One is asking $65,000 and the other is asking $45,000.  Plenty of time remains on the permits before expiration.  An executive summary is ready and a full presentation is being developed.  

SOLD & CLOSED.  Oregon Coast FM with FM1 Booster:  Due to a death in the family, this Class C3 facility is now available.  Terms will be considered subject to buyer qualifications.  Station has an excellent reputation in the market, loyal staff, but now needs a new owner who can bring sales and service back to previous levels.  Asking price is $210,000 w/Seller financing. The Station and Booster serve three unique and distinct communities that are outstanding.  Good office/studio facilities in the heart of the downtown action and plenty of room to expand it you'd like.  This is a perfect opportunity for a mom 'n' pop and/or first station.  Call for more details:  805.769.8511

SOLD and On-File with FCC.  Three Pacific Northwest Translators.  Offered as a group for the cumulative asking price of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000).  The translators are co-located and the primary signal carried will be the HD2, HD3, and HD4 channels of a nearby FM station.  Because these translators are fill-ins, their power is 250 watts.  There is an HD Channel LMA and a tower site lease in place and construction is underway.  The sale will include all HD importer/exporter equipment, combiner, transmitter and antennae.  There is also an automation system.  This is just about everything needed for a three-station cluster in this rated (#200) market. 

SOLD & CLOSED  CALIFORNIA COAST LPTV-D.  Rated market, transmission facilities just completed construction with new or like-new equipment and license granted.  No office or studio.  Asking price designed to sell quickly:  $135,000.  Custom STL system operates in the 5GHz band.  New 2-channel encoder/mux makes adding a second HD channel an easy thing to do:  operate one HD channel and lease the second HD or SD channel out.  Here's an idea! Use the Station or one of the sub-channels to run your radio-style format:  AM, FM, LPFM, or even Internet Station.  Call us for details and a presentation.

SOLD AND CLOSED! Rated Market in Northwest (Seattle-Tacoma):  2.7 million people within the Seattle-Tacoma market, 2.9 million within the 60-dbu contour (Longley-Rice). This station has been in development and is now available "as is" for less than $2.76 PPP (that's about $8 million in plain language).  Program it yourself. Transmission facilities included, tower lease in place.  STL hops are licensed but STL equipment not included.  New owner to provide office/studio set-up.  EAS will be included at close of sale.  

Northwest Station:  Off the market for now, but stay tuned.  Just completed construction after being awarded an Auction CP.  This is a Class C1 facility.  A presentation is just being developed.  This one is priced to sell:  $200,000 with $60,000 down and terms to qualified buyers. Availability subject to prior sale.  Call to verify.

SOLD and CLOSED!  Central California Coast AM Station. Nice area, great climate! Needs owner/operator with sales savvy. Asking $160,000. Tower site lease is secure with long term protection. Put your own studio/office together or rent space from the seller.  Plan on bringing your own traffic, billing, and  automation. New transmission equipment and towers. Current programming is C/W and you can keep that or do your own thing.

SOLD & WAITING TO CLOSE. OREGON COAST FM:  Co-brokered listing.  Located on the beautiful Oregon coast.  The asking price is $125,000.  Will deliver without any personnel so you get to start it your way. Possible creative arrangement on tower site and office/studio, call for details. Possible terms depending on Buyer's qualifications. 




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